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Some commissions just make your heart sing. An old friendship from my school days was rekindled after 35 years.

Brief: Christian, a classmate of mine for 10 years, was looking for a bespoke wedding band for his wife of many years, Camilla (although their actual wedding day was only in 2018). He still owed her a ring and wanted to surprise her on their second anniversary.

On a visit to Denmark in 2019 I met with Camilla to discuss the design and to do a ring fitting. Camilla wanted to use a gold/white-gold chain bracelet that she had and was looking for a broad and simple yet eye-catching design for her wedding band.

Solas was cast on the day of winter solstice 2019 – a special time where we are still in hibernation but a small flicker of light is awakened and though still deep in winter we know that brighter days are returning. It is a potent time and so Solas represents this awakening and promise of beautiful things to come. Solas means ‘light’ in Irish – a beautiful lifegiving word to celebrate the life Christian and Camila have chosen to share and the ring is an eternal reminder of that.